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Two Wheelin’ June 8, 2010

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Schools out for summer vacation! 

 Now that Charley has first grade under her belt she was rearing for the next big challange…losing the training wheels. 

Oh yeah, check out our little brave one in action.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

By the way, I should mention that this video was taken after Mike…and his patience of steel… spent a few hours teaching Charley how to ride. 

All credit goes to my wonderful, calm and patient husband.


Here is Char on the first day of 1st grade:


and now the last day…

Think she looks older???



1st Fox Family Garden June 5, 2010

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Before selling our house and moving so Mike can fulfill his dream of becoming a farming CPA,

we’ve decided to try our luck in the backyard first with a small organic garden.


First  Mike, with the help of Grandpa Duane, built a 4 ft X 8ft raised bed garden.  

Next we started sprouting seeds!  I think we  started sprouting a bit early because the majority of them petered out before we were ready to plant.   

We ended up buying seedlings from a  really neat place called Lilly of the Valley


Mike even built us a makeshift compost bin out of old wooden pallets! 

I’m sure our neighbors think we’re crazy at this point, but I’m hoping to win them over with a few baskets of our summer harvest. 🙂



 If all goes well…and we don’t kill everything….our harvest will include green and red peppers, broccoli, red lettuce, spinach, green beans,

Roma and cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, basil and jalapenos.  



If you have any garden advice or pesticide free pest control tips PLEASE post them. 

We are all ears!


Sick of My Shoes Yet??? May 2, 2010

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So it’s been well over a month since I last gave you a Fox Family update. Sorry to my loyal blog followers… yes, all three of you… for such a long hiatus!  Thankfully we are all doing well and the only thing I can attribute our blog absence to is the everyday hustle and bustle of life…..and maybe just a little laziness on my part. 🙂 

 I must admit, it is nice to know that so many of you miss being able to check in on us Foxes.

With that being said…. here are some Fox  highlights from the last six weeks:

We spent Easter outdoors this year with a special picnic and hike at a beautiful place in Hudson, OH.


With Grandpa Duane’s help we put together a bouncing death trap for our backyard…

No accidents or child launchings to report of yet, thank goodness!


Ella and I joined some fellow preschoolers for a special concert at the library courtesy of the Canton Symphony Orchestra

It’s just like the El Bell to make herself right at home… even on the floor of the library. 🙂


We celebrated Charley’s 7th birthday!!!!

Where in the heck did seven years go???  Guess I must have blinked


Ella started soccer…. we can now relate to all the other crazy parents on Saturday mornings at Diamond Park with their lawn chairs.

Her first game is May 8!  Looks like we’re going to get you Michiganders to root for a Ohio team afterall. 🙂

Go Buckeyes!!!


Just a little update from us Ohio Foxes.  Thanks for putting up with my shoe picture for so long…and for not sending me hate mail about it! 🙂

 I can’t wait to fill you in on some fun stuff we have coming up…. especially Ella’s first soccer game. 



Afternoon Tea February 16, 2010

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I had afternoon tea with the Duchess of Canton and the Duchess of Stark today.   

Both of my ladies arrived wearing the finest dresses, jewels and sparkly face powder this commoner has ever seen. 🙂

We sipped on exotic fruit flavored tea (I did at least, they chugged apple juice) and munched on the most delicious animal crackers in all the land.


This high society event was inspired by my adorable new teapot. 

Isn’t is cute?!?!?! 

 Thanks Nana… I absolutely love it!

You just fill the little darling with water, heat it in the microwave for a few minutes and then brew your loose tea inside. 


Want  your own little cutiepie teapot???  Check out The Seasoned Home

 If I lived in Holland, MI this is where I would want to work! 🙂


My Little Valentines

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Ella was pretty excited to tag along to Charley’s class Valentine’s Day Party. 

When we arrived she found an open seat next to Char and tried to blend in like any other 1st grader. 

In fact, she did such a good job she scored a cupcake from one of the parent helpers.   Unfortunately that left one poor 1st grader without a treat! 

I’ve always known El Belle had game… and this just proves it!



Wish this class picture would have come out a little better, but I thought I’d put it up anyway.


Is is me… or are all red heads the class clown???


Snow Day Bliss February 10, 2010

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I never realized how great a snow day could be until the girls started school.  

 No rushing to get everyone up and dressed, no packing  lunches or telling the girls to hurry up and eat their breakfast, and my personal favorite… no hairbrushing meltdowns.   

It’s like having Saturday morning mid-week! In fact, it may be the best part about winter.


To celebrate this wonderful occasion I made Peanut Butter Banana muffins (come on…like I really needed a reason! 🙂 )





It sure is nice to have no agenda and no real need to get out of your jammies.  

At least once a week everyone should have a “snow day” no matter what climate you live in.


Halloween Highlights November 3, 2009

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Charley the Fortune Teller & Raggity Ann Ella


This one is easier to see their costumes in:


Both girls had their school “Harvest Party” on the same day.   With it being Ella’s first school party I was glad hers was in the morning.  

She could barely stand the excitement of eating frosted treats and digging for prizes in worms…aka: spaghetti!


Later that day Ella got to crash Char’s party… and surprisingly Charley was ok with it! 


I haven’t posted with a video in a while so I thought I would make a short one of our cold and windy T-O-T day. 

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