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Racer Stats May 14, 2010

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 Since the Cleveland Marathon is less than 48 hours away I thought I would psych myself up by introducing you to my awesome running partners. 

(Please keep in mind the following photos were taken at 5am!) 


First up…Amy! 

A.K.A: The Dark Horse 

Don’t underestimate this girl!

You might think your inline with her stride, but about five miles out from

the finish all you see is dust… and her cute curly hair bouncing in the wind. 


 Next…meet Marcy!

A.K.A: The Machine  

On less than four hours of sleep this girl can run 10 miles, clean her house, mow-the-lawn,

walk her dog, and probably squeeze in a second workout….all before you and I sit down for lunch.





A.K.A: Slow and Steady (unless I’m running to the bathroom, then I’m libel to set a new PR) 




Over the course of 18 weeks of training we have run 424 miles. 

We’ve gone up hills, down hills, done intervals and tempos. We’ve been chased by Rin Tin Tin… on a day we didn’t have dog mace;

we’ve dogged angry drivers and huge mud puddles. 

We’ve ran in snow storms, wind storms, rain storms and freezing temperatures. 

We’ve had blisters, chaffing burns, sore legs and feet and even a few emergency bathroom breaks (thanks to me!).


Honestly, at this point, there is only two things left to do: 

Pray that God is watching over us on Sunday morning 


Run like the Wind! 

26.2 Here we come. 





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