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Back to School August 26, 2009

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First photo

on the

First day


First grade.



A New Look

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Of course we had to take a trip to the salon before school started.  I tried to talk her into letting in grow a bit, but she wanted to go short.

With this girls extremely sensitive head it’s probably for the best.


Here is the before…

 ( this is the best one I could find!  Apparently she has worn a ponytail for the last month!)




What a doll!!!



I should have been born Greek…

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We headed to the Greekfest last weekend to see some of our friends do “Greek” dancing… and to EAT, EAT, EAT of course!



Charley described the festival as the perfect night.  She said, “it had good friends, good dancing, and good food”. 

What else could you ask for? 🙂


My Lunch Dates August 17, 2009

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I took the little ladies out for a “girls only”  lunch today. 


Maybe next time we will skip the sugary dessert! 🙂 





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Thank you Great Grandma Deboer for such an amazing gift. 

 The details you were able to recreate are amazing; the girls stance is right on!!!

I can’t wait to get this masterpiece on the wall for everyone who enters our home to see.



Here is the orginal photo.



Lazy Summer August 13, 2009

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Our lazy summer is slowly coming to an end. 

School will be staring in less than two weeks and the days of sleeping in and staying up late will be over for our little ones…. can’t really say that’s a bad thing for mom and dad. 

The months have gone by pretty quick but we sure have tried to make the most of them.


We’ve gone on a few mini family vacations.



We’ve gone swimming… A LOT! 

In fact, this summer Charley finally learned how to swim without any life vest or water wings.



We have been to gymnastic lessons…



and tennis lessons.




We’ve survived some early mornings along  parade routes…



and eaten an ungodly amount of ice cream.



So although 1st grade and preschool are on our heels, we can honestly say we have had an awesome summer!