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Batter Up! May 26, 2009

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On Memorial Day we went to our first Akron Aeros game.   Unlike the major league games, a girl really has to pay attention… we almost got cracked in the head by the ball three times!!!

I know, I know… Mike’s already told me  I’m hopeless. 🙂





Rachel + Mike

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What a great weekend we had together! 

 It hasn’t been just the two of us in a while so we really took advantage of the girls staying with Grandma May. 

We drove up to Cleveland to see  Billy Joel and Elton John in concert, spent the night,  and then road our bikes most of the next day enjoying the sounds of spring… ya know… instead of “Moooom…. Daaaad… I need…. I want….”  

It was awesome… thanks Gramma May



Picnic in the Park

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Char didn’t have school on Friday so we kicked off the holiday weekend with a picnic in the park.  Unfortunately, so did three bus loads of wild second graders.  Charley was extremely offended when one of them referred to her as “little girl”.  Didn’t that kid realize she is almost a first grader now???

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Charley’s New Bike May 18, 2009

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Look who’s  got a new set of wheels! 

For all of you who sent Char some birthday cash… this is what she wanted to spend it on.





Half Marathon

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Here is a picture of me and the girls huddling together trying to stay warm before the race.  

45 degrees with 12mph wind…. you gotta love Ohio weather!



Our moment of GLORY!


Ice Cream Sundae Here I Come.


Ella’s Spring Musical May 15, 2009

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Charley couldn’t be the only one singing in the spotlight.  When we arrived home  Ella got herself all dolled up for her own performance.

Sorry about the coughing spell!

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Spring Musical

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The kindergartners put on quite a show last night.  They sang their little hearts out. 


 Here is Charley’s big number… not sure why they gave my kid the fast food song!!! 🙂

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