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First Zoo Trip of the Season April 28, 2009

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To celebrate the nice weather, Grandma May and I took the girls and the twins to the zoo for the day.   I must say that for all the crowds, walking and 85 degree weather the kids did amazingly well.  It was a fun day for the kids and the adults manning them. 🙂


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Licence to Ride April 26, 2009

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 About two minutes after I took this picture Ella wiped out and the bike ride was over. 😦



The neighbors are starting to reemerge now that winter is over.  We haven’t seen this little girl since November… and she just lives across the street.



Swimming Lessons April 22, 2009

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Let the lessons begin!  For the next month we will be spending Monday & Wednesday nights at the swimming pool.  Charley was amazing at her first lesson!  She even put her head underwater for the very first time.  Ella spent the first half of the class calling out for mom, but once the teacher “watered her like a flower and let her grow” she relaxed a bit.  For a brief moment she even looked like she was having a good time. 

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A Date with Grandma

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Charley  & Grandma May spent a special afternoon hanging out together.   Here are the two babes before setting off on their lunch and theatre date.  


Thanks again Grandma; Charley really enjoyed the show.



Cheese Puff SOS April 20, 2009

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Help! We can’t stop eating the cheese puffs.  The girls are comatose with visions of cheese puffs dancing around their heads.




Thanks for the goodies Nana, even if we all have become a little “cheesy”.  🙂


Oh Sunny Day

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 The weather was GREAT for being outside this weekend so we soaked up as much vitamin D as possible.



Hey Dad… thought you would get a kick out of seeing this video of Ella taking the Jeep for a spin.  She hasn’t quite figured out how to steer yet, but she’s working on it!

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Jackpot! April 15, 2009

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For some reason whenever Mike is out-of- town I rarely get the mail, probably because he usually brings it in when he gets home from work.   Since he left for Columbus on Sunday it had been three days since  he last checked the box.  This morning I  figured I should probably do the mailman a favor and clear the darn thing out.    Among the massive amount of junk mail Charley had two more  birthday cards waiting for her.  Just when she thought the birthday celebrating was over she hit the jackpot one more time.


Thanks Aunt Cristen, Uncle Ryan, Aunt Kellie and Grandma & Grandpa Fox!!!