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Addition to the Playroom January 31, 2009

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Hey Grandpa May… notice anything new in our playroom???




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Mike left today for a week long business trip to Long Beach, CA.  Instead of sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves in the 15 degree Ohio winter weather, the girls and I took our own trip.  We went to Japan and did arts and crafts.  Well, kind of.  We attended a special celebration honoring Japanese culture at the library.  It was still cool even if we didn’t leave Canton! 


Japanese Fish Rubbings p13000042

Japanese Bookmarks p1300011

Japanese Windsocks p1310016

Japanese Treats…. I think Ella is trying to wish them into a fruit snack. p1310021

Not Japanese, but the closest my kids will ever get to having a pet dog. p1310024


Family Skate Night January 27, 2009

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What do you get when you put roller skates on a three-year-old?  A parent with a sore back from picking her up off the floor all night!    

Our church held a Family Skate Night at the local roller rink, and even with the MANY  falls we still had a great time.  I was so impressed by how determined the girls were to get around the circle.  Charley held on to the wall and inch by inch made her way around.  Ella, on the other hand, pretty much made like a wheel-barrel as I rolled her from point A to point B.

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Here’s to the Birthday Boy January 25, 2009

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The girls and I threw Mike a little surprise party to celebrate his 37th birthday. 


Charley and Ella couldn’t wait to have Mike open their painted presents… that they wrapped up in the sports section of the newspaper as an extra touch.

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Cakealicious! January 24, 2009

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Look at our little pastry chefs hard at work on daddy’s birthday cake!  Charley picked out chocolate cake with chocolate frosting…not sure if that is Mike’s favorite or hers??  We can’t show you the finished product just yet, it would ruin the surprise.

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Canton Ballerina January 19, 2009

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Here is a video from  parent observation day at Charley’s  Creative Movement class.  This is her first year at the Canton Ballet and so far she really likes it.  She actually seems to be learning dance techniques, where as in the past she just learned a dance routine to be performed on recital night.  

Just in case you can’t tell which little pink person is Char…look to the far left!

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The Natives are Restless

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We had a COLD and Snowy weekend with temps in the negative numbers when factoring in the wind chill.  As a result, the little ones were ready to climb the walls.  Oh…by the way…. please excuse our messy house! 🙂

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I tried to redirect their pent up energy to painting. [ ?posts_id=1690954&dest=-1]